March 19, 2013

DUE DATES (important reminders)


CALIFORNIA’S: Gov. Jerry Brown, after 5 years of crippling deficits announced that the state is in the black.  Now it is time to increase our spending, at least slowly for now!


The Bush Tax Cuts are over, for the most part.  However, the Majority in Congress delayed closing some of the Bush Tax cuts again, resulting in the...

April 5, 2011

Volume XXX, No. 1


Welcome to a New Year, A continued RECESSION, and the question, “When will things get better?” Probably not for at least 3 years. Our economy has suffered from the Housing crisis, decreased production (We make nothing), Banking issues. Now, a big crisis is looming in the Education Loans. Deflation, Stagflation. We all might w...

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