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What's new for 2012

The Bush Tax Cuts are not over, you would think. However, the Majority in Congress delayed closing some of the Bush Tax cuts again. Employee’s will see an increase (2%) resulting in a 2% cut on their paychecks beginning this March 2012.

The present administration got a two month extension in December, but congress would only extent it for that period and not the entire year. At the same time they want tax cuts to continue for the wealthy (>$250,000 per year) they want to end unemployment benefits for many.

Healthcare, just look at the current state of Private Insurers (Medical Plans, their already made dental insurance plan a JOKE). Their profits are at an all time high as well as their Top Pay for CEO’s and others. So where does that money come from, YOU. And less than half of the total spent on Health Insurance goes to pay your doctors, hospitals and others. Just like the recent housing bubble, can this trend in Health Insurance cost increases CONTINUE? HEALTH CARE IS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK, BUT EXPECT THOSE INCREASES IN PAY TO STOP AND/OR EMPLOYEE BENEFITS TO COST YOU MORE.

There a thing called the “Cycle of Life”, we all are dependent on everyone else, break the cycle anywhere and the life cycle stops. This cycle is Greed vs others.

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