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During The Past 2 Years, All Tax Professionals, Are Calling 2019 – 2020 The Tax Season From Hell! Meaning That We Have To Do More, A Lot More. It Takes A Toll On All Of Us Because Of The Additional Time We Don’t Have. We Have Not Yet Decided What 2021 Tax Will Be Called, But It Will Be Difficult.

My Prices Are Reasonable, But Just As You Need An Increase In Pay, I Have To Increase Prices! My New Starting Rate Is $175.00, Additional Amounts Increase Based On Time And Form Used, And Yes How Well Organized Your Information Is?

Your Tax Preparation Fees? I Want You To Understand The Price, Approximately, That You Will Pay And Agree To It Before We Begin. Questions, Just Ask Us.

This Will Avoid Any Issues That May Arise At The End Of The Tax Session. Again, Questions, Please Ask, Before We Start.



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